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Reference #1 - "As the new CFO of the fastest growing SaaS-based software services firm in Silicon Valley, I had an urgent need to select and implement a SaaS ERP system. SCC Sequoia provided two truly excellent individuals from their seemingly inexhaustible virtual team. Both individuals proved to be a perfect fit for our needs. This team guided our selection and implementation which included a quite large data clean-up effort.
Late in the project, they brought in at my request another "perfect fit" individual to improve the ERP-Salesforce interface and to design an integration architecture for our core business applications. SCC Sequoia is a small firm, rock solid, no fluff, real results.” Note: current client, Jan. 2013.
Reference #2 - “My boss, the CFO, had just received his 3rd warning letter from our audit firm regarding our need for an effective Business Continuity Plan (BCP). I contacted SCC Sequoia and they described a simple, straight-forward BCP development process.
I accepted their proposal and they moved forward to complete the project on-time, and on-budget. One of the best things about SCC Sequoia is that the person who you meet during the proposal process is the person who will later do the actual work – no miscommunication and a great way to build a solid, professional relationship.” (from the SVP/CIO of a large, prominent software firm)
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