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Business Philosophy - Our success depends on our clients' trust. We offer our honesty, our sincerity, and our strict commitment to do what is right: to provide wise, courageous, and objective counsel, to offer good value equally to all our clients, to do so in a manner that is always tolerant, civil, and fitting. We believe that there is no right way to do a wrong thing, that people and values must always be put first.
History - The Systems Consulting Consortium (SCC) was founded by Jim Spitze and Tim Tyler in late 1986 and incorporated on May 1, 1987. Our vision was of a virtual firm of highly successful IT executives who would address, as consultants, the management issue needs of the IT organizations of, primarily, the private sector. We grew quickly to a staff of twelve widely respected IT-focused consultants and maintained that staffing level for the next two decades. Our primary service became Interim Management – of entire IT organizations or of major IT projects.
In 1997 we signed our 100th client and our 200th client in 2007.  In the 2005-2010 period we brought in several extraordinarily competent new members to fill gaps caused by retirements. After this we renamed ourselves “Sequoia Strategy” and now, in 2012, have combined our old and new names into one “SCC Sequoia".
Concept - SCC Sequoia is a consortium - a team of experts, each with a minimum of 20 years of successful leadership in the IT business arena. We have been accurately described as a “Been there, done that” firm – a team of people that really know what they’re doing since they have done it with repeated success for many years.
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