Our Focused Services  


  We Offer Eight Focused Services:


      ·        Program/Project Management

·         IT Services Assessment

·        Business Continuity

·         SaaS Ecosystem Support

·         Information Network Analysis

·         Data Center Advisory

·       Team Building

·        IT Executive Coaching



Program/ Project Management - SCC Sequoia consultants know how to establish effective Project Management Offices (PMOs), how to manage projects at all levels of complexity, and how to rescue projects already underway and in trouble. Our expertise covers a variety of computing disciplines including ERP, software product engineering, computing infrastructure, telecommunications, data warehousing, call centers, and outsourcing.We work with our clients to ensure that the project will adhere to the client’s preferred development methodologies, development tools, and operational infrastructure, while incorporating widely accepted best practices. (details)


IT Services Assessment - SCC Sequoia has a proven track record helping clients develop well aligned and efficient processes by breaking down barriers of structural and functional silos. Core operational processes we address are Purchasing, Manufacturing, Sales, and Marketing. We also have frequently improved the related supporting processes, such as Accounting, Recruitment, Planning, Call Center, and Technical support. Our methodology includes the oversight, policies, and procedures to assure adoption of the process enhancements and attainment of the desired outcomes. (details)   


Business Continuity - Increasing attention is being given to the development of realistic Business Continuity Plans (BCPs). In many private sector firms, both their Boards of Directors and their customers are demanding real, rather than window-dressing, BCPs. A meaningful BCP takes ongoing, visible executive commitment, considerable staff time, and a non-trivial expenditure. SCC Sequoia has a 100% success rate with our BCP projects. (details)


SaaS Ecosystem Support - We provide planning, implementation, support services, and oversight for several SaaS applications including Salesforce.com (SFDC) for clients coping with the ever changing SaaS ecosystem. Our work scope can vary from full management responsibility and accountability to guidance and mentoring of existing efforts, to planning your SaaS ecosystem roadmap. To make this happen, we provide successfully experienced SaaS managers, architects, implementers, and support staff as extensions to your own team. We objectively assess your existing SaaS  environment, recommend appropriate corrective actions and oversee their successful implementation. (details)


Information Network Analysis - In every organizational function, execution increasingly requires networked information, and the use of cloud services increases this dependency.  If you are experiencing outages and delays, we will identify the causes, propose solutions, and help you develop a strategy for protecting against such problems in the future.  If you are concerned that your network infrastructure is outdated and inefficient, we will audit the network and and work with your network team to identify efficiency and reliability improvements while avoiding excessive learning curve costs. (details).


Data Center Advisory - The SCC Sequoia data center team advises IT executives on all facets of data centers: assessment, planning, development and operations.  Our team has developed long-range data center strategies for Fortune 50 clients, conducted more than thirty risk assessments, and delivered more than twenty complex data center projects – for world-class clients such as JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Digital Realty Trust and others. (details)


Team Building - Real teams, as contrasted to simply groups of people that management choses to call “teams,” are the essential unit of performance in High Performance Organizations.  Ineffective teams can slow down projects, derail mission critical initiatives and, when the “team” is the Top Management Team, paralyze a whole company.  SCC Sequoia consultants will help you develop and manage effective business and IT leadership teams. We specialize at working with teams specifically dealing with business and information technology issues.  Focusing on building effective teams can help your company become a High Performance Organization. (details)


IT Executive Coaching - Executive Coaching is one of many proven ways to improve organizational performance. Today’s successful IT leaders must run dependable information utilities, control costs, provide good customer service, create technology driven business strategies, lead transformational change and drive innovation embracing disruptive technology. Many of these are new roles requiring new skills. Our executive coaches are successful IT executives from world-class companies.  They can help develop your existing IT leadership team to meet the challenges of their expanded roles. (details)

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