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Our Executive Services
 We Offer Four Broad-Scope Executive Services:


·        IT Assessment

·         IT Strategic Planning

·        Interim Management

·         Total IT Upgrade


IT Assessment – The highly successful track-records of our consultants enables them to ask the right questions. We give you the facts about what is really going on - for all or just a selected subset of your IT organization – and we present those facts in the form of a well reasoned plan for correcting any shortcomings. Our assessments have led to numerous project accelerations, cancellations and re-sequencings.  For several largeSilicon Valley firms, our assessments have become the foundation for their successful  IT plans. (details)


IT Strategic Planning Well conceived IT Strategic Plans are a proven way to achieve meaningful alignment between IT and the business.  SCC Sequoia works closely with you and your team to leverage what you already have accomplished.  Our extensive experience brings clarity, control and excellent communications to an often difficult task and produces enduring, innovative, and profit-increasing results. We consistently focus on extensive and ongoing Line-of-Business participation to create a “where do we want our company to be” picture from an IT point of view. (details)


Interim Management - We take on management of IT units and projects for periods of a few months to a year or more. When asked, we assist in selecting and hiring permanent managers. We establish well-skilled units that meet user needs in a timely and cost-effective manner. This is our most popular and best-known service. Among the interim management positions we have held are CIO (most frequent), Senior Director of Applications, and Senior Director of the PMO. (details)


Total IT Upgrade – This is our Top-Tier service and is typically requested only after we have developed a successful and trusted relationship with our client. The current members of our Core Team have founded the IT departments of some of Silicon Valley’s largest hi-tech firms and guided the upgrading of many others. Our consistent goal is an up-to-date, well managed, staffed, organized, and processed IT organization that is on its way to becoming a pro-active enabler of innovation for its company. (details)



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